Gary Ryan

Presentation Manor - Thank You! I just want to take time out in this crazy journey we call life to thank each and every person that touch the quality of life my Mother In Law has received during these trying times. Thankfully we can once again, with a Covid-19 test, go there and visit her. Covid-19 has changed the way we live our lives today and maybe forever.  When Presentation Manor closed its doors to visitors before it was mandatory we thought, that is odd, but we had trust in Gord Perrault, The Executive Director.  Gord has been fantastic from the very first visit when we stopped in to check out the building to each and every time our paths cross. The care that they provide from the top management to the cleaners and the security guards is outstanding.  When mom hits the wrong button on the TV changer and can’t get it right, she calls down and security is there quickly, so she doesn’t miss her favorite TV shows. Got a question? Olga is your girl! She has all the answers and gets back to you quickly. Now Bremen, the one man show does everything, from organizing a zoom call to help a 94 year old lady face time on an iPad, to helping her organize the knitting club. He keeps the residents busy with all kinds of activities from exercise to singing and crafts.  Not to mention Happy Hour Wednesday afternoons. Bremen organized “mask making” at the beginning of Covid-19 and boy did they make masks. The residents all pitched in, making them very excited to help others. Heath care is top on the agenda and Nicole runs a tight ship from start to finish. As with everything Nicole’s team all do a fantastic job. The systems they have in place makes living safe and enjoyable. The food there is FANTASIC!  We always look forward to eating there anytime with mom!  Sunday dinners with all of us are our favorites! We love the roast beef dinner that just melts in your mouth. It reminds us of our dinners when mom use to make them at her house. Thanks to Everyone at Presentation Manor. Many hands make many smiles! Gary Ryan